Jul 302013
The World's End

Around about a decade ago, my wife dragged me to the cinema to see a film I’d heard nothing about, and wasn’t particularly keen on seeing. I am very grateful to her. That film was Shaun of the Dead, and it was my introduction to the considerable film and TV making talents of Edgar Wright, [...]

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May 292013
Ben Marwood - Back Down

Right, there’s this bloke, with a guitar, and he’s pretty good at writing songs and singing them at your face. He’s very nice and polite about it though. In your face, but not in your face. I’m a big fan. His name’s Ben Marwood, which you’ll have no doubt noticed from the title of this [...]

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Apr 172013
Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart Interview

Next week sees the release of Tape Deck Heart, the 5th studio album by punk/folk singer Frank Turner. You may not have heard of him. Despite him playing a headline gig to 12,000 people at Wembley last year, and being part of the Olympic opening ceremony, he has remained under the radar of the mainstream, [...]

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Jan 162013

Remember the days when spam emails, or phishing scams at least had some sort of level of intelligence, or at least had the potential to raise a laugh? They’re not even trying any more. I had an email this morning, purporting to be from Barclays Bank, which closed with the line: Honestly, BARCLAYS Security Department. [...]

Jan 152013
More Marwood - A good thing

If you’ve followed me on Twitter at all, or seen some of my music related blog posts, you’ll know I’m a big fan of introverted singalong troubadour, Ben Marwood. After a 2012 spent very much hard at work, touring (as well as making an appearance at a certain Olympic opening ceremony with Frank Turner), and [...]

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Paralympics 2012

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Sep 122012
Paralympics 2012

Ok, so I’ve rewritten this post approximately one gazillion times, and tried to put into words the effect the Olympics and Paralympics have had on me (and also hopefully the nation). But every time, I’ve drifted off into trite words that sounds insincere. So what I’m going to do instead is say a massive thanks [...]

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Aug 292012
Only Connect - The Show

THHN DSQCK RTHNTHY A seemingly incoherent string of letters. In actuality, a well known phrase with the vowels removed. Bear it in mind as you read this, it’s a string of letters that I’ve had in my mind for about 5 months now, ever since the recording of our Only Connect episode back in March. [...]

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Jun 192012
A very British week

The last couple of weeks has seen me being more British than usual. By this, I mean standing outside a lot, often in a street adorned with bunting, and the Union flag flying from every makeshift flagpole available. Moments of national celebration are often strange events as far as I can tell. They seem to [...]

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Jun 092012

When watching this at the cinema, there was a moment, about a minute or so in, where we were treated to a phenomenal shot of a landscape, timed perfectly to display the name of the Director of Photography (Dariusz Wolski). It was precisely at this point that I knew that at the very least, I [...]

Fringe Benefits

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May 162012
Fringe Benefits

Over the next few hundred words or so, I’m going to attempt to explain to you why I think Fringe is one of the best things to happen to television in the last decade or so. I’ll be mentioning elements of the show, including right up to the end of season 4, so if you’re [...]